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Conservation of traditional arts and crafts: the consortium traveled to Poland for the ACademy Project financed by Erasmus +

The international consortium of the ARTCademy Project meets in Krakow, organized by the AGH University of Science and Technology. Together with 9 partners from 7 countries (Belgium, Cyprus, Italy, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and Spain), the consortium advanced the implementation of the ARTCademy Project that treasures the European crafts sector by preserving ancestral knowledge and by providing artisans and handicrafts with commercial tools and skills to strive.
At the meeting, the partners further developed the "CRAFTpedia", the repository of craft knowledge that collects knowledge of craft techniques, crafts and traditions of work and crafts that may soon disappear.
The ARTCademy project establishes operational links between the world of education and training and the world of work, also incorporating the social and educational value of European cultural heritage, since the project will preserve traditional knowledge about craft professions.
The partners will develop specific training for micro and craft companies combining cultural / craft knowledge with business and operational capacity.