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Artcademy will create the GREEN ART-HOUSE, a virtual incubator for craft related enterprises, which will be integrated in the online platform and constituted by the virtual knowledge community. Therefore, there will be the possibility to present company data and to boost craft businesses among the virtual community (CRAFTS Laboratory).

This aims to involve participants in the value of traditional arts and crafts and providing them the necessary skills to develop a business and trigger the creation of a firm.

Moreover this Virtual Community will be devoted to the promotion of both CRAFTPEDIA and Training materials for craft-related users and general public in line with the main objective of this project, and the requirements of 2018 European Year of Cultural Heritage. The purpose of ArtCademy is to strengthen the craft business in the project countries, not only by boosting economic craft activity but also by keeping traditional craft professions alive, particularly those which are in risk of disappearing.