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Assigned to the regional minister of Economy and Knowledge, is a not for profit public foundation, whose mission is to support the strengthening of Andalucía economic activity and business development through fostering entrepreneurship initiatives and enhance business and employment creation and consolidation.

Its main fields of activity are threefold:

•    Promoting entrepreneurship culture throughout Andalucía Educational System;

•    Fostering the creation of companies;

•    Supporting business development.

In order to fulfill its mission, the services provided by Andalucía Emprende are as follows:

-    Educational Entrepreneurship programs, such as Miniempresa Educativa and Emprendejoven, aimed at promoting entrepreneurial skills for life by means of the self-acquisition of attitudes and competences. On the other hand, training for entrepreneurship is achieved through internships in companies, aimed at improving the qualification, professional development, knowledge-based innovation and entrepreneurship abilities of the Andalusian young people. 

-    Business Support, which offers tailor-made advice and training, specialized consultancy and follow up activities suited for new businesses or already existing companies with a concrete need, such as internationalization, employment generation, search for new products or funding opportunities.

-    Free-rent business lodging (industrial and business premises) for business start-ups. Our Network offers free-rent lodging to business projects at different stages: pre-incubation stage, 6 months in office premises up to the definition of the business plan, and formal constitution of the firm; an incubation stage, with a period of 3 years for industrial units and 18 months for office premises up to the consolidation of the firm, or to the implementation of growing strategies or innovative plans.

-    A network of more than 215 business development centers (CADE) spread in the territory, formed by more than 900 professionals dedicated to meet businesses needs in Andalucía.