Digital Internationalization Strategies


Digital Internationalization Strategies
E-commerce, International strategies, Import/export
In this module you will learn how important it is to have a strong international program in mind before internalize your company and in particular we will focus on some essential elements to be taken into account before launching your artisan enterprise into the international e-commerce market.

Nowadays it is important the involvement of artisans into the e-commerce market, setting up a solid international project in mind is the first step to start importing/exporting.
To start off you don’t have to think to the farthest market, think simple and near. Remember that there are some elements to be taken into account before internalize your company.


• E-commerce is rapidly involving business owners. Craft artisans have been looking for their place in international markets due to surplus of production, local competitors and specialization on a product. If you would like to focus on trading and exporting your products and services worldwide, you need to have a solid international project in mind.

• Marketplaces are real virtual squares that tend to control an increasingly important share of online demand. You can open a space on a global marketplace like Amazon which allows immediate access to all the main European markets or you can turn to specialized operators in no-European countries such as Tmall of the Alibaba Group, one of the main showcase for Chinese consumers.

• When you are about to start importing/exporting you don’t have to think to the farthest market possible because there might be any sort of issues, cultural issues as well. There are some elements you should be aware of before internationalize your enterprise:

- Conditions of sales, import restrictions or duties that could prevent competitiveness

- Payment systems

- Logistics

- Customer care and pre and post sales assistance services

• International online marketing strategies vary across business models, but the basics remain the same.

• From search engine optimization to content marketing, accessing a global audience requires solid methods to guarantee that you are making the most of your efforts. Here are three best practices to keep in mind when you are marketing to international consumers over the web.

1. Use Analytics to Find Your Audience

2. Know and Respect Regional Laws and Regulations

3. Internationalize Your Website

4. Ecommerce solutions for internationalization

• It is necessary to choose a valid platform for the management of content and business procedures. Here is a selection of the best products to launch your business online:

• WebMatrix, Flashvortex

• Among the main E-commerce Open Source store-management software programmes we have:

• Prestashop, Magento, Oscommerce, Shopify, 3eTrade

• Nowadays sharing on the net is vital and eventually your data is going to end up in the cloud at some point, so you better know how it works to collaborate more efficiently with colleagues, improve your security, discover new opportunities and ensure that you stay competitive. You can share link to folders with photos, videos, documents, etc. You can use it as a common workplace for a group of people giving them access to create and edit files within a designated folder. Cloud storage is a data storage service in which the digital data are virtually stored in logical pools.

• Here is a list of valuable cloud solutions that you can use in your daily life activities:

• Google Drive, Dropbox, WeTransfer, OneDrive, MEGA, Mediafire

• Other cloud base solutions are Zippyshare (https://www.zippyshare.com/) and reep.io (https://reep.io/) from which you can share online temporarily



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